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Fruit Wine

Blueberry Bliss

Blueberry Bliss is made from Maine Blueberries.  It is a sweet dessert wine, that is best served cold!
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Raspberry Riot

Raspberry Riot is the first wine we made when we started experimenting with wine making.  The raspberries come from my parents raspberry patch.  Every year it is a challenge for them to keep the deer and other small animals from destroying the bushes before they bear fruit.  Raspberry Riot makes a great dessert wine, and is very popular with our customers.

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Miz Plum

This year we got the plums from the Finger Lakes Region of New York!  Same great tasting, and very refreshing wine as last year.

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Blue Lightning

Blueberry Bliss with a little lightning.  Characteristics of a Port!  Excellent for sipping!

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Blackberry Bewitched

Hand picked Blackberries from our property.  Just like drinking a blackberry!

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Candle Waster

Taste like Cranberry Juice with about 12% Alcohol.  Great on the rocks!

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Second Chance

70% Blueberry and 30% Common Sense)

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It’s our strawberry wine that packs a punch, which is great on a hot summer day!

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