Dragonfly Farm & Winery

White Wine

St. Pepin

St. Pepin has a fruit quality that is similar to Riesling.  One of our most popular wines.  Sweet dessert wine.

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Sweet Louise

Made from Louise Swenson Grapes.  A light bodied wine with a delicate aroma of flowers and honey.

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By The Numbers

By The Numbers is made from the E.S. 7-11-22 grape developed by the late Elmer Swenson, considered the father of cold climate grape growing.  A hybrid of the Gewurztraminer Grape, it is an excellent, spicy, sweet wine

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Serendipity is a blend between the Adalmiina (ES 6-16-30) and Praire Star Wines.  It is our only off-dry white that has an oaky taste with a nice light finish.

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Edelweiss has a pleasing labrusca flavor.  We originally planted theses vines to make Ice Wine, but after a couple of years of waiting for the perfect conditions without them occurring, we decided we would just pick them with the rest of the grapes in the fall.  Excellent dessert wine.

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Clarity is made from the LaCrescent Grape.  Similar to a good Riesling, but with pronounced apricot and honey in the nose and flavor.  A great wine with universal appeal!

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